Just my imagination running away with me

I’ve been finding myself wandering too much lately when it comes to photography. I am caught up in this attempt to create a fantastic photo, head out to create that photo, and end up finding myself disappointed at the end of the day. I am thinking too much. Way too much. I think I have a great location planned where I’ll get these great photos and when I get there I’m stumped. Nothing looks the way I imagined. I snap a few pics out of frustration and go home.

But it’s when I get home and look at what I shot I realize what was in my head was all wrong. What I was imagining and what I was seeing were two different things. The photos I was imagining didn’t exist. They were all in my head. The photos I was shooting, however, did exist. They were right there in front of my camera. What I did when I shot them was in the moment, whether choice of aperture, shutter, angle, etc., nothing was preconceived. I just worked off my experience, not my imagination. It’s better that way.

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

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