Let’s talk texture

I hope everyone in the USA had a safe and happy Independence Day. Hopefully if you are a working person, like myself, you were able to turn it into a four-day summer weekend!

Back to the photos. I received a new Pentax K-5 IIs camera on Wednesday evening that I have been wanting to try out. I wanted to try it out more from a handling perspective since every camera I have used in recent years offers great image quality. But the one feature with the K-5 IIs that I was curious about was its lack of an AA filter. With the promise of resolving more detail I headed out to my favorite boxcars down by the tracks.

I have shot these cars a lot in the past and have taken similar, if not even the same, photos of them. But I knew the cars are full of rusty textural goodness so I figured they were a suitable subject for my tests. In the past I have processed my boxcars photos in color but I found they work equally well in black and white. I have a preset that I created in Topaz B&W Effects that gives a contrasty, dark quality to the photos, which I think works well for these type of subjects.

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