Autumn of a different color

What to do when the Autumn color just isn’t very spectacular and straight black and white isn’t working? Monochrome of a different color!

I visited the local park to see if there was any fall color remaining to at least capture something before the dreaded six months of colorless landscape occurs. Although the park looked “autumny” I really didn’t see any “big picture” type fall scenes and I didn’t want to resort to leaf details again. As my mind swirled with bright ideas followed by reality of those ideas not working I noticed the strong afternoon sunlight highlighting parts of the hills and backlighting the trees. I knew the color wasn’t very strong but I thought the scene may work good in black and white.

Later on, while reviewing the shots in my camera, I did a quick in-camera RAW conversion to black and white to see how it would look. I thought it looked okay but I decided to play around with some filters, adding an infra-red look and then some color to take into another realm. I think the purple color worked best as it was the most unnatural.

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

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