I’m still here sir. (Warning: dead animal)

As I enjoy yet another blast of winter weather, I thought I would take a moment and stop in on my own blog. It seems like forever since I’ve posted but I’m still around, still trying to perform photography. I use “trying” in the loosest sense since I  haven’t done any real shooting in quite some time. I know I shouldn’t use the weather as an excuse, but getting motivated to slosh around in the snow, ice, and cold has been tough this winter. I mean I have to do it all day long for my normal job and I’m pretty well done with it by the weekend and my only motivation is to sit around with my wife and enjoy a nice glass of wine or craft beer in a warm restaurant.

There have been a few glimpse of better weather and it does change your outlook and bring thoughts of “hey, this isn’t too bad, I feel like heading out to take some photos!”. But winter quickly rears its ugly head again and it’s back to hibernating. Now I know I have always said that if I lived in some beautiful place it would be easy to take beautiful photos but, seriously, even if I lived in the Rockies with grand vistas I think I would be tired of snow photos by now.

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

So, I’m still around and I will still be contributing to the blog as time marches on. The spring equinox is only a few weeks away, so there is hope! In the mean time I have been re-evaluating my gear, making some changes, and looking into having a dedicated website to better showcase my work.

In a blogging note, hello to all the recent followers that have come on board. I hope I can entertain you enough to stick around. Plus, I am going to try to get rid of those pesky ads. It sucks that it cost me money to stop them but that’s the way it goes, until I go somewhere else.


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