See through

Winter is sticking around a bit too much this year and I’m feeling like I have cabin fever even though I get out of the house every day. Maybe it’s “camera” fever, where I am not being able to do any shooting. I thought about doing some indoor still life stuff but I don’t have the lights or props to do anything useful. But I did find a still life that I shot last year, around this same time of year actually, outdoors! What a difference a year makes.

These bottles were sitting outside an “antiques” store ( I use the term lightly because I would just call it junk) and I was able to take a few photos while onlookers probably wondered why I was twisting around on the sidewalk taking pictures of dusty old bottles. I totally forgot about this photo until tonight but now I want to hit the streets and start finding some more junk. If only that pesky ice, snow, and slush would go away.

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

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