Man, if I only had the time

I took a short trip to Vermont over the weekend and spent most of my time behind the wheel of my car. It was a WAY longer drive than what I was thinking and I probably bit off more than I could chew, so to speak. But I wanted to see one of my photos in a gallery exhibition and it was worth the time.  My wife and I enjoyed a few days out of town and we got to see some new things and scenery. It’s too bad the time of year was a little less than satisfactory, a month later may have been more ideal as winter was just starting to wane and things were still a little dull and brown. It was a shaky trip to make driving north after the winter we had and I had to be sure we wouldn’t run into any early spring snowstorms, because that would have made the drive no fun at all. But the weather cooperated and all went well.

The one bummer was that I didn’t get to enjoy much photography as my time seemed very limited and rushed. That was too bad as the mountain scenery was beautiful, even with the mud and leftover snow. I probably saw a gazillion photos in my head of scenery and old trucks and barns but stopping to take any of them would have been difficult at best. Plus I would have wanted to explore every area to its fullest which would have eaten up all of the short time we had. If I ever get a chance or have a reason to return I at least have an idea of what the area has to offer and I’ll make sure I save time to explore.

Todays photo of some old bottles was taken somewhere in a small town in New York. We drove past this old antique store on the way to Vermont and I saw the old bottles lined up in the window. I told my wife if I remember on the return trip I would like to get a shot of them since I’m a sucker for old glass. I did remember on the way home but the light on the return trip was bright and overcast and the store window reflections of the street were too distracting, so I had to shoot right up against the glass with a wide angle lens to avoid the reflections. The resulting composition was a bit of a compromise because of that and I would have preferred to shoot the other way, from inside the building looking out, but it was early on a Saturday and the store was closed (although it didn’t look like it’s ever open anyhow).

I went with a contrasty antique look for this one as I think it worked better than the color.

© David Guidas

© David Guidas



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