Enough with the negativity

I know I am probably too hard on myself, not only with my photography, but in almost everything I do. I am, as they say, my own worst critic. I don’t think I am too negative though, I do believe I do a number of things quite well, it’s just that I think I don’t do them well enough. Enough of that!! Don’t worry, be happy!

So I will celebrate my new found positive image with, what else, a negative image! This is a dandelion photo that I was playing around with in camera and wondered what the color image would look like as a negative and there it was!

© David Guidas

© David Guidas


4 thoughts on “Enough with the negativity

  1. negativity builds up creating frustration as well as sadness in our lives. Negativity can also skew our perception of the world and events to reinforce our negative opinion. When I get negative I try to think logically of one positive thing to come out of the negative and slowly my positive thoughts grow. Just like a negative image there is always positive waiting to be developed.

    • Absolutely. I am generally quite positive about things but when it comes to my creative work, whether photography or music, I beat myself up. But like you said I focus on the good and that just fuels me and soon any negativity goes away and I head towards another Eureka! moment.

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