All I need is a hand

I like these kind of ph0tos. A wide-angle shot of a close-up subject with the surroundings receding into the background. An environmental portrait of sorts. The challenge is finding suitable subjects in a suitable environment. I don’t like to arrange photos so when I look for subjects I shoot them how I find them. So it has to be a “complete package” of sorts.

I wasn’t totally sure if this glove made a good subject but, as my usual, I just shot it anyhow. I realized a while ago my intuition is usually working for, not against, me. A number of my favorite photos were taken because I thought “what the hey”, and I grabbed a few frames of something that interested me at the time. Only later did I realize that I was really on to something and the shots I took were worthwhile. My last few photos that were chosen for exhibitions were just that, literally grab shots taken because I told myself there is something there.

This photo wasn’t without its technical difficulties though. I didn’t really care for the color in the scene as everything was rather drab from the overcast light. That same color made the black and white conversion a little tricky. Almost every color in the scene had the same tonalities and coupled with the flat light there was little way to separate the subject from its surroundings. I played around with the contrast and a little vignette and dodge and burn to come up with the best compromise I could. It doesn’t pop out at you but I like it regardless.

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

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