It’s all about sharing

When I’m shooting large amounts of photos, which I try to do when I am out purposely taking photos, I tend to process a few of the ones I like after the shoot then share them here and on Flickr, or even Facebook on occasion, and the next thing I know I am moving on to the next batch. Sometimes good photos get lost in the shuffle. A sign of these fast-moving times I guess – “here’s a pic of my baby. NO! forget that, here’s another newer pic of my baby, from today!!“. All about sharing. 🙂

Sharing is what I imagine the bee coming up in the background has in mind in this photo I shot way back in June. It was one of those shots I forgot about. The fact that June is “way back” and it’s nearing autumn again is a little sad since it only really began to feel like summer the past few weeks. Maybe a little too hot and muggy, but I kind of like it and it will be a bit of a downer when the first cold rainy autumn morning greets me at the door as I am heading out with my jacket on.

By the way, this photo is a bonus larger file size than I normally post, so go ahead and click on the image for the best larger view!

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

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