365-79 I think spring is coming

A flower! I stopped at an ATM and saw some daffodils in front of the bank. Grabbed a couple quick shots with my DA55-300, a quite competent flower lens. I know it’s nothing exotic but after shooting black and white cemetery pictures all winter, it’s a nice refreshing change. Expect some blossoms in the near future. Cliche perhaps, but I enjoy the challenge of making flower shots interesting. This shot suffered from a bit of noise due to a high ISO and underexposure from inadvertently using my spot meter (I know, I do dumb things like that sometimes). So I tried a trial of Topaz DeNoise and it worked wonders. I may have to invest in it someday.  I do like the dark background though. I did some burning around the edges to enhance only the flower. Pentax K20D


© David Guidas

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