365-103 There may be more

I may go overboard on some flower shots this spring because the winter felt so drab. For fans of my grunge work, don’t worry, I’ll return to it soon ;-). There will be plenty of grungy and gritty subjects to shoot in the future but I want to take a break and show a little beauty while it’s all to briefly here. I actually found these blossoms in a shopping center parking lot. The mall is about the only place in the area that has any decorative landscaping and there still are very few trees that are blossoming yet. I know it’s kind of a pedestrian subject and they’re pedestrian kinds of shots but I hope you enjoy them anyhow, at least until my next shot of a rusty bolt or something :-).

The Big Pink

© David Guidas


6 thoughts on “365-103 There may be more

    • Spring has been especially slow to come this year, I can imagine what it’s like farther north. But then I think the same thing of photos I saw that were taken in March from the southern USA!

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