365-104 If you just shoot it you don’t have to remember

I spotted this old Impala sticking out of the garage a few months ago. I meant to get a shot of it but simply forgot about it until today when I was driving through the intersection of the road it was on and seen it. I didn’t want to forget about it again so I drove around the block and snapped a few pics. Not as dramatic as the tail fins of a ’59 Caddy sticking out, but fun anyhow. Pentax K20D, DA55-300

I also did a black and white conversion that I posted on Flickr. I post my 365 shots on Flickr also and I don’t usually do different versions but I couldn’t decide which I like better. I think the B&W is graphically stronger and it was what I was thinking when I shot it but something about the subtle colors grab me. What do you think?


© David Guidas

7 thoughts on “365-104 If you just shoot it you don’t have to remember

    • I’ll give it a shot Nathan. I really didn’t get to play around with it much. Usually I try every possible way to manipulate an image to see what works, especially if I don’t have a preconceived notion of what it should look like.

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