365-122 Shopping for photos

My budget may be busted right now but I still like to get out and shop once in a while. Shopping for me usually consists of looking but not really buying. I like to research items I may be interested in the future or that I am simply curious about. For instance, I looked in the Apple store to see what my WordPress blog looked like on a iPad. I have to say it was pretty neat and fun to browse through. Other than that I looked around at a few other stores in the area and also looked for photos. My 365 shot is sort of a “spring abstract” of some blossom petals that blew into a rain puddle in a Best Buy parking lot. I shot this with my Super-Takumar 50mm. The other shots were taken at Home Depot and Burlington parking lots. So I went shopping, came home with something and didn’t spend any money. Pretty cool!

Petals in the Puddle

© David Guidas


6 thoughts on “365-122 Shopping for photos

    • Hey I guess the title is up your alley! I took some photos at another puddle on the edge of the parking lot but the petals weren’t as numerous. When I drove up closer to the store, I spotted the puddle with the closer spaced petals. There was more traffic and people there and I thought “hmmm….I’m going to look like a goofball taking a picture into a puddle but, oh well”.

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