365-209 Horses, of course

I came out of my hotel this morning and saw these guys waiting in a trailer in the parking lot. It looked a little cramped in there,  I hope they had a good nights rest also.  Afterwards, before I set out, I discovered I had a half flat tire on my truck. A good way to start the day. But, with the exception of the humidity, it was an easy fix. I found the offending screw lodged in the tread pretty easy and popped in a can of fix-a-flat, which I always try to have in my truck, along with plugging materials. Traveling around a lot it’s nice to be prepared. A handy gas station was around the corner to top of the air and I was good to go! Pentax K20D, DA 55-300.

Click on pic for larger view

Morning Horses

  One thought on “365-209 Horses, of course

  1. July 29, 2011 at 11:25 am

    It’s like you interrupted them mid conversation. Excellent stuff

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