365-309 Whew!

I know what you are thinking……..”Dave, what’s up with the lame photo?”

Well it’s been a long day. I had to work today and finish up (sort of) some testing and then I hit the road for the long trip home. Along the way, my truck started riding real rough. It took me a while to figure it out but I thought something may be wrong with either my tire or a front end part. I took the next exit and pulled into a shopping center parking lot and inspected my tires. The left front tire was bulging really bad, the tread looked like it melted and twisted, and a big chunk was missing exposing the belt wires! Yikes, I found the culprit! I prepared to change the tire when I decided to see if there was someplace nearby where I could just buy some new ones. I asked a gentleman who told me to follow him to a nearby service station where they sell tires. They didn’t have my size in anything new but they had a decent used tire and threw that on so I could continue my journey home. The cost was minimal and they changed the tire relatively quick. Nice people. One thing down.

During the week away, my wife had been telling me that our furnace had been operating erratically. This is after she had the gas company come by earlier in the week because the furnace stopped completely They changed our meter because the old one was making noises, assuming that’s why the furnace wasn’t working. It worked for a while but the erratic behavior continued the next day. We concluded that the thermostat was the culprit because the readouts just weren’t making sense. Off to Lowes! I replaced the thermostat and it seems to be fine now. Another thing down.

By this time, I’m pretty tired. But a camera I wanted to try out arrived (more about it later) while I was out of town and I only got to play around with it tonight a little to figure out how it works. I took a few test shots around the house. Boring, camera testing shots. Nonetheless that’s about the only photography I got to do today so I’m using a test shot for my 365 today. I did process with Nik Efex to jazz it up a little.


© David Guidas

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