365-313 An Olympus in Huntington

I’m still away from home and I still have the Olympus E-PM1 with me so I may as well use it. I had a chance to swing through Huntington, WV today and I snapped a few photos while I was there. Literally snapping. I was in more of a snap shot mode just taking casual shots without much setup. Maybe it was the small camera that put me in that mode, or maybe I’m just in that mode due to my “blue” period 😉 . Either way, the camera came through today and provided some decent shots. Granted I am using just the kit lens, so I’m limited as far as focal length and aperture choices. It was a tossup between the Beetle shot or the black and white boats shot for my 365 photo. I liked both but since I did a reflecting boat photo not too long ago I went with the Beetle shot, even though it looks a little “iphoney”.


With the exception of the boat photo, where I did a black and white conversion, most of the photos are jpegs straight out of the camera. I did a little tweaking of contrast and sharpness on some of them and a few were shot using the cameras “art filters”, mostly pinhole and diorama.

148 thoughts on “365-313 An Olympus in Huntington

    • Thanks. I put that header up just for the interim but I’ve grown to like it and I think it fits my work. I like the marina shot also. If it wasn’t for the one I did earlier I would have used it for my 365.

  1. I really love the vignetting and the colors in all of these shots…but I must say, I’m partial to the beetle picture simply because I’ve got a ’69 bug 🙂

    • Thank you Charlotte. A ’69? Nice. I haven’t been in a Beetle in a long time but I spent a lot of time in various ones in my youth. I think they are pretty cool cars.

      • I don’t mean to be a total nerd but the Beetle in the shot has ‘Export’ fenders. They had additional bars on top so one coud get ‘the natives’ to lift the car out of mud holes. Developed for use in Africa, I believe. I had 5 Beetles at one time, a long time ago. One of them was a ’63 one of them a ’65 with a pristine cream interior. I loved that car until my brother ran it through a hedge and a fence, into a tree. Such is life,

      • Thanks, I always appreciate insight on my subjects. I’ve always liked the Beetles (and the Beatles) and It’s a shame that I don’t get to see too many anymore or, worse yet, get to ride in them. But I had lots of fun times in the Bugs when I was young, including off-road adventures!

  2. these pictures are beautiful… i especially love the beetle and the wood with pink writings (i can’t remember the term used… hahahaha..)^.^ thanks for posting them..:)

    • Thanks Neil. No, unfortunately I can’t afford such exotica, although it would be fun to see what I could do with such a lens. This is just software manipulation.

  3. V nice indeed. Keep going back to the avenue of trees. The strong definition of the tree trunks contrasting with the fuzzy tree tops keeps calling me back – amazing effect on the eye and brain.

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    • Thanks. It really is a quite capable little camera. The handling was a little hard to get used to. Other than that, I loved the results. The images have a special character about them.

  5. Nicely done! it would have been better, if you have added some innovative comments as well. I would have been like icing in a good freshly baked cake…
    BTW, Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  6. Great pictures! I especially LOVE the one with the park and its benches in the fall. It might be because of its location by the water, or it may be the fact that it looks like a diorama.

    Either way, beautiful, and congrats on the FP!

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  8. All of these photos are fantastic! But, I must say the first one, of the VW, is my absolute favorite. I love the antique look it has and I like how the Bug is VERY slightly off center. Just barely enough to notice. Awesome job!

  9. Congratulations, nice pics, really, that´s true photography, a basic kit, just camera and eye, no accessories, no further photoshop. Love them all.

  10. Great photos all. My favorite is the capture of the cloud texture in your black & white marina photo. Seems like you almost had a texture theme going with that one, the fall leaves, and the grass gutter. Thanks for sharing the info on your camera & set up, too. Congrats on FP.

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  12. All I have to work with myself is a simple digital camera so most of my photographs are snap shots. I especially like your golden leaves, walkway with the benches. The homeless picture speaks volumes too, but in a different way. Each of your pictures captures different emotions. You might just be snapping away, but you’re still working with a full palette.


  13. I love the first picture though all of them are just wonderful. The first doesn’t look “iPhoney” to me. If anything, the compare-contrast theme between modern and ancient is fascinating. The backdrop seems to imply that they all end up in the same place…:-)

  14. Definitely deserved to be FP… Congratulations… I stopped by because of the “bug”, parked in front of the house… and then I fell in love with your second, third and fourth photos… amazing colors! love fall colors… 😮
    Cheers from Brazil!

  15. Love your photography…. I am into it too. Not as much as you, but love a great pic, or two or three… etc. ~ Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

    Blessings, Kevin

  16. I found you on Freshly Pressed and enjoyed your blog and photos. That fall tree one is awesome-not just because of the colors but the way you bring the eye down the path. The boats add a nice peaceful contrast to the brightness of the leaves.

  17. The picture of the trees with the yellow leaves and the boats in the background is my favorite, but all all nice photographs. Sometimes, the “snapshot” approach gives the best results. If you’re anything like me, sometimes I over think a shot and don’t get the results I’m hoping for. This is a very nice series. Makes me want to get up to Huntington. 🙂

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