365-340 Follow the light(s)

A dreary rainy day of getting up early, going to work, drive around in mud, and hanging out for a few hours before it was decided that the weather wasn’t going to get any better and heading home. A half day off! A good day to get a very much needed haircut and have a relaxing lunch with my wife. Afterwards we did some light shopping and general hanging out. Meanwhile the drizzly rain kept falling and it never got any brighter out. I tried taking some pictures throughout the day but they were boring shots of boring subjects. Plus I don’t think I got to take any photos over 1/15th second, even after pushing the ISO. So when I saw this display of Christmas decorations in a store I was passing by, I knew I had to get a shot. It seemed so bright and cheerful compared to the mood of the weather. Beat anything else I shot today. Besides, it’s Christmas time! Pentax K20D, DA18-135

Endless Christmas

© David Guidas

5 thoughts on “365-340 Follow the light(s)

  1. Wow. Great shot. The colors are great and this is like an organic triptych and the poles in the background, in parallel receding to the vanishing point, provide even more interest.

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