365-363 Default mode

I woke up feeling incredibly sick today. Headache, stomach ache, stiff, sore, and lacking energy – the whole works. To top it off, I had to work today, covering a project for a co-worker. It didn’t make for a pleasant day, just pressing the shutter button on my camera was a chore. It’s too bad because I was in an area that usually presents good photo ops but I just didn’t have the energy to even look for photos. At lunch time I swung through the nearby park and just took some photos from near the road. I really wanted to look for details but every little step sent my head pounding. I was just working in default mode today. Oh well, at least I got a nice picture of trees 🙂 . I’m going to sleep now. Pentax K20D, DA17-70

Just Trees

© David Guidas

4 thoughts on “365-363 Default mode

  1. You are entirely too hard on yourself…this is a great shot, love the layers of texture…leaves, moss, the depth of the valley, the path..not to mention the great trees. What an awesome park.

  2. Nice work on the photo, David! I don’t know how you made it through the day. My husband and I are just getting over the worst cold/flu ever. We both got flu shots, but this year there is a virus out there that is wildly unpleasant. I hope you feel better tomorrow!

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