365-362 Old haunts

Apparently I’m still on my mental vacation because I’m still not putting any effort into shooting. I’ve been relying on my processing a little too much to help carry me through the past few days, mostly because what I did shoot has been lame, at best.

Today, I had to go out and buy a wireless router because I’ve finally decided to add wi-fi to my house. In the past, I didn’t really need it because the one wired computer was fine and I only used the laptop when on the road, but for some future renovations and redecorating I’m planning, the wi-fi will come in handy. Since the shopping center was in the general area, I thought I would swing by the old house in South Park and take some detail pictures since it was bright out compared to the last time I was there(365-295), when it was fairly dark and I wasn’t able to do any close-up shooting. Unfortunately, today I found the house surrounded by chain link temporary construction fencing and the doors boarded up, obviously slated for demolition. They do that a lot around here – destroy history. I wasn’t able to get close enough for any good compositions and, worst of all, I wasn’t able to look inside, which I was hoping to do to capture some nice interior details. So, all I got to shoot today was the front porch. So, another ho-hum shot.  It seems my 365 is ending like it started – I find myself grasping for photos. Pentax K20D, DA17-70

Nature’s Reclaim

© David Guidas

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