365-295 Three of one

It was almost dark and I didn’t have a photo for the day. My wife and I were out for a little shopping and dinner and my mind was more on that then taking a photo. I have to be careful to not let the 365 thing drive me crazy and need to realize I must have a life also! I did try to grab a few architecture abstracts at a closed department store on the end of the mall out of desparation. I thought the subject matter was dull and it was a bit of a stretch thinking they would work so I abandoned the idea, not before being told by security that I can’t take pictures of the mall. Sheesh, stupid terroristic paranoia! So we went to dinner.

After dinner it was near dark but I thought I would swing through a large county park near where we were. We haven’t been there in a while and I didn’t really think there would be anything of interest to shoot there but I knew there wasn’t anything on the way home, especially at the late hour. Since unplanned detours usually yield surprises I figured it was worth a shot. Almost immediately as we entered the park we spotted this old house. It may have been some kind of park structure in the past but it definitely hadn’t been used in a while. It looked pretty cool and worth a few photos. Since I don’t have a tripod in my car, I thought I would try some intentional moving camera shots. After those experiments, I wedged my camera against some trees for more traditional straightforward slow exposure photos. I thought I would show three different takes on the same subject using three different black and white processes. All with Pentax K20D, DA17-70

House in the Park

© David Guidas

10 thoughts on “365-295 Three of one

  1. I agree, the first image is stellar and worthy of framing. The last image reminds me of a scene from a scary movie, maybe something like The Haunting in Connecticut.

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