Scenes from a dirt road

I found myself on a narrow dirt road today, hugging along the hills of West Virginia. I don’t know if it was the worlds roughest road, but it was pretty rough. I had to chug along at a slight crawl trying to avoid whatever ruts and sharp rocks I encountered yet I still got tossed around in my truck. Throw in a couple switchbacks and it was a fun few miles. I’m just glad no one was coming the other way because it was mostly a one lane road with some questionable edges over the ravines.  Got to love those GPS shortcuts!

I’m just took the Olympus with me today, still trying to get used to it. It is definitely small and light, so that’s a plus. Even though I have the accessory electronic viewfinder, I purposely used only the LCD for framing today just to see if I could get used to it. I’m so used to the optical viewfinder in my Pentax it’s a transition for me to compose on a LCD for anything beyond snapshots and work related photos, which I use the iPhone for.

Another thing I like about the Olympus is the quality of the jpegs straight out of the camera. I almost always work with the RAW files from my Pentax but I find the Olympus jpegs better than anything I can do in ACR, for most situations. The exception being, of course, when I want to do more advanced processing or image manipulation.

OK, on with the trip, starting with….


© David Guidas

Next, a bit of trash. I just wonder what ever happened to the rest of the vehicle:


© David Guidas

Moving along……a survey monument or an alien code? :


© David Guidas

Taking a breather with a little pop of spring color:


© David Guidas

And finally, a bear in a tree that someone made an effort to put there as the tree was on a downslope from the road:


© David Guidas

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