Fair opportunity

It’s the time of year for the county fair and I think I am going to try to visit this year, mainly for the photo ops. Weather permitting of course, since the parking areas are just grassy fields and they can get rather messy when it rains. I sold my truck a few months ago so I currently lack a “proper” mud vehicle.

I haven’t been able to attend the fair in recent years because my work schedule always had me on projects that took all of my time during the summer months, and I was often out-of-town anyhow. But I am here this year and the grounds are actually pretty close to where I live, so I have no excuse. I did get to swing by tonight as some final things where being set-up for opening day tomorrow. It is the one time when I could get in without paying admission – too bad there wasn’t anything going on. But I managed to take a few pics to get my feet wet. We’ll see if I can expand on that this week.

© David Guidas
Panasonic GX1, Leica 25mm

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