I can’t explain

I can’t explain much about this photo other than I took it through the window of an old storefront in Wheeling. It was in a large building and touted itself as an antiques store but it just looked like a bunch of useless junk sitting in an old warehouse. I think it was still in business, or at least recently was, but it sure didn’t look like it.

I shot a number of things through the windows but I liked this photo for some odd reason. The house was lit with the light from the large window and just seemed to glow amongst its dusty surroundings. That and the fact that it was placed randomly on top of the jacket and other items makes me wonder about the chaotic nature of this kind of business. What kind of people run these shops? Do they make any money? Was it thriving at one time and just went downhill or was it always this way from day one? I know I can’t explain.

© David Guidas
Luumix GX1, Leica 25mm


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