Filtered flowers

Well, after yesterdays protest blackout, I thought it would be nice to return with some flowers. But because this is winter and there isn’t a flower in site, I had to look in my files for some photos I took in the past. I had spent a day last spring in a nearby park and took what seemed like a gazillion flower photos. Some I had used for a previous post at the time (365-110), but the other photos were just hanging out on my hard drive, waiting to be discovered again.

I think the one thing I shoot more than dilapidated old structures is flowers. Kind of an odd mix really. Flowers have such a short life of only a few days and the structures could be around for centuries. Yet when I shoot either one of them, I’m thinking that I need to capture them at that moment because they won’t be around for much longer. Of course these flowers that I shot last spring are long gone but to give them a new life, so to speak, I thought I would do some alternative processing on them. I usually process flower photos relatively straightforward because it’s all about the beauty of the flower and it’s tough to do better than that. But I’m into experimenting these days, so I ran these pics through various filters during processing to alter contrasts and colors, not caring about balances, yet still trying to retain the look of a photo. I used various amounts of Topaz and Nik plugins, among other things and I probably couldn’t repeat what I did 😉 if I tried.

I hope you enjoy them. Just looking at these photos makes me want to get back out there and shoot (dang home remodeling 😦 ). Hmm…..maybe a road trip to the conservatory next week would be a nice distraction.

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